Just Not Enough Hours

Some days there are just not enough hours in the day. It’s almost time for bed, and I’m composing this on my phone because I’m too tired to go get my tablet.

It’s been raining for two days, something it rarely does here, and all that gloomy is messing with my head. Like most folx around here, I don’t like to complain when we get a good soaking rain, but ugh. At least it was just rain today. Yesterday, we had hail and tornado warnings.

I’m already over it. Not that Mother Nature cares, as we’re supposed to get more of the same through tomorrow.

I don’t do well when it’s gloomy for very long. I might need to ask Tennessee how often there are multiple days of gloom before I commit to a move. I guess I could always get a sun lamp.

When I was stationed in Germany, the constantly cloudy skies took a toll on my mental health. Back then, I had very few options. I suppressed it and faked it.

I was so much happier in Italy despite working more and longer hours because the weather was always beautiful. Maybe it just seemed that way because, well, because it’s Italy.

Anyway, we’re supposed to get a reprieve late tomorrow and Saturday morning before another round of rain moves in. Fingers crossed that it holds off long enough for a smooth flight for Tennessee. My heart just smiled at that thought.

Stay safe and be well, my friends.

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