With just one look you gave me your heart,

freeing us both from sadness.

You’ve brought music back to me,

I’ve missed that old friend.

My butterflies soar in the promise

of only happy tears.

Our shared laughter brings delight to my days

as the dreams fill my nights with longing.

Even though our bodies are far apart

Our hearts already dance the twining of our souls.


Goodbye my love, I shall miss you.

It matters not that I will see you again

or that we continue to be friends.

What we once were is now gone and

I grieve for that loss,

for the person I thought you were for me.

I thought you were the one, my one and only,

my soulmate, my ever after.

To find that I was wrong,

was a gut-punch and my heart cracked.

But I am much stronger and more resilient than I used to be.

And a crack is all it really is

not the shattering of the whole

like it felt when I first heard you say

you didn’t want me anymore,

because you didn’t reject me,

just the us we were not meant to be.


Hundreds of people

no one who cares

I am invisible

They don’t see me

look right through me

Wait there’s hope

look at me


eyes averted


It’s not my fault

I am what you made me