Writing Adjacent Activities

Yesterday I didn’t do any actual writing. I did writing adjacent activities but no actual writing. It feels weird not to write. I’m pretty sure I do not like it.

One of things I stumbled across yesterday is how it used to be okay if a blog was 500 words, but then readers demanded more so now 500 words is not enough. Naturally I had to check how long my last blog was and it was just over 500 words.

I, of course, went immediately to “I’m a failure” and “why am I even bothering” because that is what I do. Took a breath or two and then went back to listen and realized I was missing the point. Writing the blog, whether its 50 words or 1000 is about connecting with readers, with my friends, current and future.

Would I love to sell millions of books and be a sought-after novelist? Kind of, yeah. But am I willing to pay the price to do it?  I’m not so sure.

Finding balance and peace of mind has been so much work and I struggle every day to achieve it. I’m not sure I am willing to sacrifice the progress I’ve made so far to try and achieve something that may never happen anyway.

For now I am not going worry about any of that. I need to just write–my blog, my sub plot, love letters to my girlfriend, thinking of you cards to my friends, etc. Making and keeping connections are more important to me than the business of selling books. That may change when I have an actual book to sell but I can only do so much.

So thank you once again to those of you who have supported this space and my words. Please know that I cherish your feedback in whatever form it takes.

Be well my friends.

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