Big Day

Today is a big day. It’s my potato book birthday celebration with some of my favorite people and, and, and Tennessee arrives in a few hours!

Yesterday was another just not enough time day, but today it no longer matters. I have a few hours left to try and finish up all the stuff I procrastinated on, which naturally will not be possible, but whatever.

So here’s my thinking on getting everything neat and tidy before she gets here. I think it’s like false advertising. If she arrives and sees this immaculate and organized space, she’s going to think I live like that all the time. I do not.

I live in constant chaos, which is great for my creative self but not always so good for the rest of me. I don’t live in filth, it’s not dirty, but I am not my mother. I can tolerate mess and chaos and sometimes it works to my advantage.

Back to my point–if I were to let my girlfriend think I live in a neat and organized space she will get the wrong impression and be expecting that when we finally live together and that would not be beneficial to either of us.

So my bathroom is clean, as are my sheets, and the rest of the space is slightly more organized chaos than it was. She might as well be exposed to it now, so she has time to run for the hills if she so chooses. I’m guessing that will not be what happens, but it’s only fair to give her the chance.

That being said I do still have a thing or two my mother is insisting needs to be done before she gets here. So I’ll leave off here with a note that since Tennessee will be here for a few days I may not get a blog out until she leaves.

Take care of yourselves my amazing friends.

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