I have exciting news to share – my blog has been viewed over 2000 times! How cool is that? I’m also approaching the 500 visitors milestone. And I just looked back to when I started which was Oct 16,2022, so that means for six months my words have been out floating in cyberspace.

That is so…weird.

When I created this blog it was more an exercise to get my writing muscles working regularly to form a habit. And it worked mostly. I still struggle and I worry that I’ve limited myself with the title I’ve chosen but I don’t suppose it matters much. Being fat and gray and a baby gay are big parts of who I am right now, but it’s not all that I am so I am only as limited as I choose to be I suppose.

Huh? That was kind of profound actually.

We’re all of us only as limited as we choose to be.  Forget about the limits placed on me by society, how many limits am I putting on myself? How many have I imposed through past actions and decisions that I’m paying the price for now?

Last night I went to see a local band with a bunch of my friends. I danced to a couple songs but then was wiped out the rest of the evening. Now some of that is because of this last bout of flu, but honestly, I have never fully recovered my stamina after my first bout of covid. That was almost three years ago and most of my decisions since then have not been conducive to building that back up.

I did start recently trying to move more and be more active and it was working. I was feeling better. But then I got sick. Now it’s as if I’m starting from scratch again. It can be so discouraging.

If I don’t have good physical health though that affects my mental health which gets in the way of my writing. And that is not acceptable.

I find such joy in writing, even when its crushingly hard.

So once again I will try to find ways to move that I find joyful and fulfilling so that I can keep writing and hopefully one day get 10,000 views or, even better, sell some books.

Be well my friends.

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