Feminine Rage Songs

I spent part of yesterday evening downloading feminine rage songs that I found on TikTok. Some are trending right now, and others popped up during a search. Some, of course, have been around for years and I already had them in my music library but three of the trending ones really resonated with me:

“Labour” by Paris Paloma

“Savage Daughter” by Sarah Hester Ross

“Little Girl Gone” by CHINCHILLA

That last one I listened to on repeat for a while, kind of just lost in the feel of the music, my body reacting to the rage.

Honestly I thought I was past the rage stage in my life. However, every day there is a new headline about book bans, voting rights limitations, and anti-trans and LGBTQ+ legislation. There is so much hate being spewed in the guise of ‘protecting the children’. But the significant uptick in gun violence and lack of legislation limiting access to guns totally proves that they are blatantly lying.

The ever increasingly rapid slide into fascism that this country is experiencing is terrifying and when I’m afraid I tend to get angry because I hate feeling scared and helpless and out of control. Anger can be such a destructive force, especially if directed inward, but if properly channeled, it can be a powerful force for good. If you can find an outlet for it, a way to direct it.

I am angry right now, like feel it deep inside my body. The rage needs to be released, but I haven’t really found my outlet yet. Listening and moving to that song over and over again released some of that rage. It was very cathartic.

It also just felt good to move. That last bout of flu really hit me hard. It has been a real struggle to just walk across the room without triggering a coughing fit and I still tire easily. Actually dancing felt like a miracle.

How amazing it would have been to scream out the words too, but since it was approaching midnight, I’m pretty sure my mother would not have been happy with me. Might have been totally worth it though.

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