The Perfect Date

I had a different blog planned for today, but I got up late again today as I had trouble sleeping last night.

I’m writing this now as I listen to the rain in our first thunderstorm of the year. The day started sunny and beautiful, but an hour ago we had driving rain and hail.  We even had a tornado warning today though I only know that now from watching the news, not because it was near here. Other places in Colorado are supposed to get 2-3 feet of snow though again not here.

If I had left the house this morning it would have been perfect for just a light jacket, but I’ll need more than that when I leave later. I doubt I will have to shovel the walk in the morning though so there is that.

What is it about listening to a thunderstorm? Hearing the raindrops hit the roof and the rumble of the thunder for me is very soothing. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t do it very much here and this type of long soaking rain is rare enough that it feels special.

If I lived somewhere where it rained incessantly for days on end that soothing sound of rain on the roof could become an unceasing nightmare I suppose. But I’ve never lived anywhere that had a rainy season that lasts for weeks or even months so maybe that’s why? I don ‘t know but I am enjoying it now while I’m safe in my house.

In an hour when I have to go out and drive in it with people who forget how to drive when we get any form of moisture that will likely be a different story. It’s just rain people.

Be safe out there my friends.

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