Day 16

Yesterday was just the day I needed. I got a few must dos done but I didn’t do much of anything else but rest and I’m feeling much better today, better than I have in weeks.

I finished another book and realized I still needed to read one of my book club books for next Sunday, so I started that one. At least if I’m not doing much writing, I am getting my reading in.

Mom and I started a new series called “Fringe”. It is not new but neither of us have seen it. It’s pretty weird but entertaining so far. I also spent way too much time on TikTok, but that too was very entertaining. My FYP is quite eclectic though thankfully I still seem to be on the queer and liberal side.

I came across one creator who was responding to “Don’t roll your eyes at me” and they said, “I’m not rolling my eyes. I’m taking my initial natural response sending it up to my brain so it can bowling ball return a response that you find more socially appropriate.”

I laughed so hard. This is so something I wish my brain could have come up with to respond during my earlier years. Though I could use it now as I do still roll my eyes from time to time when confronted by idiocy. Which happens mostly online these days so I can switch it off. I am grateful for that.

I am also grateful that I’m well enough to return to some sort of normalcy, whatever that means. My to do list is quite extensive but I’ll just have to prioritize what I have the energy to complete. I hope that means I’ll make some progress on my NaNo project. We’ll see.

It looks to be a beautiful day here in Colorado, so I hope all my local friends will get to enjoy the day.

Be well my friends.

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