Days 12-15

First, let me apologize to those of you have been faithful daily readers. This bug really knocked me down. Took my mother out too and she never gets sick. I haven’t had enough energy to do anything but struggle through my paying job. But today I feel like I might just have the energy I need to write and work on my NaNo project.

And because I have such an amazing girlfriend, I’ll have warm coffee for as long as there’s coffee in the cup. My first birthday present arrived yesterday–a mini hot plate aka a cup warmer. I love it! Thank you Tennessee!

I’ve really missed writing and if I’m totally honest it feels a bit like I’ve sort of forgotten how. It’s only been a few days but I’m really struggling to get into it again.

I have had time to do a little reading though and I did get a couple of books read.

I can highly recommend “An Unlikely Partnership” by Katie Trapp. It is a delightful paranormal lesbian romance with a bit of a mystery thrown in.

I also finished the 24th book of the Miss Fortune Mysteries written by Jana Deleon. I love this series because I love the characters. The premise is a bit preposterous, and the characters are over the top, but that’s what makes it fun to read. The mysteries themselves are well written with just enough clues that you might figure it out before the big reveal, but not by much.

I’m looking forward to going back out into the world again. I’ve missed my friends. Most of them were at trivia this past week and that is becoming a rare thing for them all to be there.  I’m sad I missed them. Lots of events coming up this week so I’m not going to overdo it this weekend because I don’t want to relapse.  But chores still have to be done, so time to join my mom and hop to it.

Have a great day and be well my friends.

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