Day 17

Finally had a “normal” day. Gave the dog a bath with the resulting guess as to which of us got more wet. Did writing sprints with my writer’s group and got back on track with my NaNo project.

Had date night with Tennessee. It was so good to see her. I really missed her, and I know she missed me too. My being sick really messed with our communicating with each other. It was so nice to have one of our meandering conversations about a little bit of everything. It didn’t last very long because I still tire easily and that was a little sad. But I’ll make it up to her.

As for the day ahead, I have proof spring is here because the sprinkler folks are coming sometime today and there’s an appointment for the bug guy on the calendar too.

And it’s my birthday week which means avoiding traditional news sources, so I don’t have to see all the anniversary stories of terrible events over the years. Ok that’s not all it means but that is a sad truth.

Despite that though I am looking forward to the week ahead because I get to meet with friends, and I have a massage scheduled too. So that is where I’ll focus my energy and I’ll pace myself so as to not overdo it.

I’ll see some of you soon. Be well my friends.

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