Surgery Day

Short post today. Mom’s surgery is this morning. I had planned on writing a blog post yesterday to drop this morning, but I was wiped out from my late night arrival and early morning work meeting. I crashed for a nap and then had too much to do to get ready for a really early morning start today.

Mom was so nervous, but they have her sedated by now. She’ll sleep through the next several hours while I’ll likely struggle to stay awake. I’m writing this on my phone, another first for me, while sipping my second cup of coffee.

We’re as ready for her forced immobility as we possibly can be, but it should be an interesting couple of weeks. She does not sit still well. We have one of those knee scooters, and I foresee her on that as soon as humanly possible. She’s been practicing. The dog is afraid of it and not at all happy.

Well wishes for her speedy recovery and my intact sanity are welcome.

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