Adrianna Catarine Ecco

Also known as Ace. This is my imaginary me, the heroine in so many of the stories I told myself throughout the years. I’ve acted out those stories in my head and sometimes out loud, much to the consternation of my mother who told me to stop talking to myself.

Ace has been an NHL goalie, an MLB pitcher, a spy, a superhero, a pirate, an astronaut, many spaceship captains, a detective, an adventuress, Xena’s newest BFF, and Hercules’ stronger sister. She has time travelled through the universe as the Doctor’s companion and robbed a train as a member of the Serenity’s crew.

I honestly can’t remember all of her various incarnations. But she has led incredible lives and there is nothing she can’t do.

There were years when she was my only companion as I was never much good at making friends. She dimmed somewhat when I met the girl who would be my BFF from 8th grade through high school graduation. Having an actual friend didn’t leave as much room for Ace, but she never went completely away.

Lately she’s been knocking on my door, and I think one of these days maybe I’ll write an adventure series just for her. In my head she is still a young adult, just barely in her 20s. I could do a YA series maybe. Though I kind of want her to be a fully realized 55-year-old badass dyke saving the world.

So many possibilities. Maybe I just need her to stay in the realm of possibility as my muse to churn up new story ideas.

Whatever happens to her, I hope you will all appreciate how lucky you all are. I’ve never shared her with anyone in the world before. This is her debut. If you end up meeting her someday, please be kind and tell her I said hello.

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