Book Journal

My wonderful friends, for whom I am dog-sitting, gave me a book journal as a thank you gift. And, also because I’m not on Goodreads, and they think that’s weird for such an avid reader. I keep meaning to sign up, I really do.

I think it’s a great gift but I’m a little intimidated by it and I’m not sure why. Maybe because I feel like I should go back to January 1st so I can see how many I’ve read this year. But I’ve read so many since then, will I be able to find them all?

What if in looking for them though I discover I haven’t read nearly as many as I thought? Would that make me a fraud? I already suffer from imposter syndrome regarding my writing, do I really want to open myself up to discovering that I’m an imposter with my reading too?

I totally see, intellectually, how completely ridiculous that is, but much of my identity is tied into being a book nerd. I know that because I spend so much of my time writing now there just isn’t as much time to read, especially when you throw in that I actually have a social life too.

But I see that book journal sitting on the table and it’s calling to me. Maybe since our plans to go to the mountains have been thwarted by the latest storm, I can spend the time finding the titles to all the books I’ve read so far this year.

Or maybe with the storm over and the sun being out, I’ll just find me a warm, sunny spot and read a book. That sounds much less stressful.

Be well my friends.

3 thoughts on “Book Journal”

  1. I’m not on goodreads either. Kindle is doing a good job of keeping track of my online book reads, but I decided to start a photo album to track ALL the books I’ve read this year. My goal is 32

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      1. It’s public on fb. I just tagged you. I’m currently at 10 with 2 being read now so maybe I’ll be at 12 by the end of the month

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