Something on the Water

So what does one do on a snowy day after your obligations are fulfilled? Watch Tiny House Nation for hours on end of course. Did you know there was a whole channel dedicated to tiny house living?

Turns out Tennessee and I both like to watch these shows, and they sparked some interesting conversations. What are we each drawn to? How much space does one really need to live a comfortable life? Who puts a baby grand piano in a tiny house?

It seems that we’re both a little judgy when it comes to people who have ridiculous expectations about moving into a tiny house. During the house hunting shows, we almost always agreed on which house we liked best even if we didn’t always accurately predict what the buyers picked.

Since neither of us really cook, we’d be okay with a small kitchen. All it needs is a coffee pot, a toaster over, a two-burner stove top or hot plate, a microwave, a normal size fridge and a dishwasher. Oh, and one of those washer and dryer in one appliance would be cool. I had one when I was stationed in Germany and it’s perfect for a small space.

Other things we agreed on: all on one floor (no coffin-like lofts with access by ladder), at least one bedroom that can be completely closed off (we each need to be able to be alone in a space from time to time), and at least one and a half bathrooms neither of which has a composting toilet (gross!).

Also, something on the water would be amazing especially if it were for an absurdly low price and is move-in ready.

For those of you who might be starting to worry, no, there are no plans in the works for a U-Haul. It is way too early for that. But it was fun finding out we had similar tastes and some of the same hard no’s.

Be well my friends.

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