Love Is In The Air

Today is finally here. Okay I know today is always here but this today is different. This today has taken more than six weeks to get here. Tennessee arrives this afternoon for a week-long visit. The time has flown by and also has taken forever.

In case this is the first blog you’ve ever read, I am in a long distance relationship, a fairly new one, that is now getting quite serious and is completely exclusive. Long distance is very difficult and requires patience and lots of communication in many forms. Neither of us is able or can afford to just hop on a plane on a whim and it’s a 20-hour drive. So these planned visits are very important.

This is Tennessee’s first visit here and I’m introducing her to my family tomorrow. Lunch with my son and his fiancé then dinner with my mom.  I’m not nervous at all, honest.

Then I’m taking her to Tuesday Trivia to meet my friends, not all of them, but as many as will be there. I can’t wait for everyone to meet her.

I plan on being quite selfish the rest of the time though and keeping her to myself. Fortunately, she is in complete agreement. There won’t be any sightseeing or other gatherings this visit. We both have to work at least part of the time, but other than loving on the dogs, this week is just for us.

That being said, I will be dropping some posts while she is here. I have a couple I’ve already written. Also, she is very supportive of my writing and has encouraged me to continue to post daily if I wish. I might just do that, but I also might not. If I miss a day or two or three, just know I’ll be back next Sunday with a SFW recap and will resume posting daily.

Thank you all for being so supportive. Be well my friends.

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