Going to the Dogs

Dear Sputnik & Sprocket,

Thank you for being such good girls! You accepted me into the pack even before I got this privilege to watch you while your mamas are away.

After a bit of a hiccup our first night together, we settled into a routine and all were happy. Now though I’ve introduced a stranger and I know you’re not sure what to think.

I know you like the ear and butt scratches and that she gives out treats too. So that’s good right?

I’m sorry, Sprocket, that you felt anxious for a while, but I’m glad that us making room for you and loving on you was enough to make you calm again.

Sputnik, honey, I know you are not happy about the new sleeping arrangements. I am sorry. The bed is big enough for all three of us but you are going to have to accept that you don’t get to be in the middle.

I promise extra treats today. I know this is blatant bribery, but I figure you’ll be ok with that.

I do have a favor to ask though if you can manage it. Can we not be so insistent about breakfast time just because the sun is up? I know it’s my own fault for setting the precedent our first days together, but cut me some slack will ya? This is way too early to be up on my day off.

I know I was up early yesterday, and it was Saturday, but I had a lot to get done before Tennessee’s plane arrived and I was too excited to sleep any longer. Surely you can understand that was a one-time thing right?

So what do you say? Tomorrow not so early right? Cooperate and continue being your sweet and adorable selves and I promise not only extra treats, but more ear and butt scratches and even belly rubs if you are so inclined.

Love and snuggles,


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