I did it y’all! My three-hour writing session with other sapphic authors and reaching out to friends paid off big time. Not only did I finish the first draft of my anthology short story, I also created a pen name to submit it under. A name I think will also work for my novel and any other works of fiction like what I’ve written so far.

The biggest piece of advice I got from the other authors was to make sure no one else out there already had that name. So I searched several search engines and nothing. Good news.

Then I took the next step and looked to see if the domain name was free, it was. Great news!

So I bought the rights to the Internet domain on a domain registration site. It’s so exciting!

There is still so much to do. Edit my short story by tomorrow morning (because not much writing will be happening this weekend). Finish the third draft of my novel so I can find beta readers now that it has an “official” author. Then I need to learn how to build a website using my new name. This last is daunting as I’m really not good at tech stuff. 

Best not to get bogged down in the lengthy to do list. This is about celebrating the latest step completed on my journey as an author. Thank you so much to everyone who sent suggestions and who has supported me in this journey. You are the best!

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you all to my latest creation:   

Angel Beldam

Please be kind and welcoming.

Be well my friends.

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