Queerly Beloved

I apologize for the brevity of today’s blog. I started a different blog this morning but realized it was a journal entry to be discussed with my therapist this afternoon and not a public blog.

So instead I’ll recommend a lesbian romance I just finished reading, Queerly Beloved by Susie Dumond.

It takes place in hyper conservative Tulsa, Oklahoma just prior to the legalization of gay marriage. It has all the standard romance drama, instant attraction, but characters living very different lives leading to predictable conflicts. There’s also more than one happily ever after.

The main character does a lot of growing and is mostly likeable though I thought her a bit whiny, especially in the beginning. It also has many queer characters, some fairly predictable. Most of the straights aren’t intentionally harmful, except for those intended to be.

I loved the political statement it made though only one politician gets called out by name. I wasn’t thrilled with the mild fat phobia but it isn’t really a distraction and it’s more my issue than anything else.

It is well written, a fun read, and available through the library.

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