The Princess Bride

I don’t think anybody who knows me will be surprised to learn that The Princess Bride is one of my all-time favorite movies. Until recently I don’t think I’d ever met anyone who hadn’t seen it.

So when I found out my girlfriend had never seen it I admit I freaked out a bit. How was it possible this amazing, quirky human being had never seen such an iconic movie? I knew I needed to rectify this.

It took way longer to set up a movie night to watch it than I was happy about. I thought the Universe was plotting against us. Even when we finally sat down “together” to watch it, we had technical difficulties (thank you Mercury).

I’ve seen it so many times I can practically recite the entire script and I’m sure I was super annoying when I would say the line as the actor was or when I told her ‘Oh I love this part’.

I didn’t realize how nervous I was that she wouldn’t like it. I’m crazy about this woman and I know it’s good to like different things but I’m not sure I could date someone whom didn’t like The Princess Bride.

Fortunately, she said she did like it and I had my proof she wasn’t just humoring me when the last words she texted me last night were “As you wish”. I don’t think I can tell you when I have ever felt more seen.

Have fun storming the castle my friends.

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