I attended a meetup yesterday with my Middle Aged and Newly Gay group. We were exploring our witchy natures and learning some basics about tarot and numerology. It was so much fun.

I think the coolest thing about tarot is letting go of the literal and leaning into intuition. That is so difficult for me. I’ m very left brain but I’ve been doing a lot of work around my creative self.

I recently received a very special deck from a friend, and she is an experienced practitioner and teacher of tarot. She is going to teach me more about tarot and my deck in particular and I’m really looking forward to it.

I tell my non-believer and skeptic friends that it’s just a tool for helping make decisions. It’s a way to tap into my subconscious and bring what is percolating in there up to the surface. And this true, tarot does function that way if that’s what you use it for, but there’s more to it I think, and I’m fascinated by the possibilities.

Back in my Christianity days tarot was off limits. It was a tool of the devil-ugh. But my spiritual path has meandered quite a bit. In the course of writing my novel, my research into magic and witchcraft has led me to want to explore the path of a witch, particularly that of a cosmic witch, with its focus on astrology and astronomy. I find these to be as equally fascinating as tarot and numerology.

As the third draft of my book progresses, I am trying to put in more and better magical scenes, so this is the perfect time to learn. And its lots of fun. In order to get good at tarot I’ll need practice so if you’re interested in being a guinea pig, let me know.

Be well my friends.

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