Politics or Trainwreck?

I spent way too much time watching CNN yesterday. What made the biggest impression on me was the split screen coverage of two very different but intertwined events.

On one side was the President giving medals to the heroes of the Jan 6, 2021, insurrection and those election officials who withstood enormous pressure and threats of violence to preserve our democracy back in 2020.

On the other side of the screen was many of those who advocated and instigated much of that violence and pressure and are now supposed to be in charge of the House of Representatives. In reality we were watching an actual manifestation of reap what you sow.

I have no love for the GOP or Kevin McCarthy, but I kind of felt sorry for the guy. His ability to remain stoic after 13 consecutive humiliating defeats was kind of impressive. That 14th loss though–he kind of lost his shit, and he wasn’t the only one.  Some guy had to be physically restrained. Thought it was going to break out into a WWE deathmatch.

Mr. McCarthy has only himself to blame though. What’s that expression? Lie with the dogs, wake up with fleas.

And don’t get me started on Lauren Boebert, who obviously did not learn her lesson of nearly losing her election when it should’ve been a landslide. She is doing exactly the wrong thing yet again. McCarthy and the majority of House Republicans are bad enough, but she and her posse are so much worse, despicable, deplorable, you can pick your own synonym. I’m embarrassed she’s from Colorado. Thank goodness my rep is Jason Crow.

This debacle does not bode well for the next two years. I’m grateful there’s already a budget in place through September. I wonder how many furloughs I’ll have to endure next fiscal year. It is not going to be pretty.

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