I have a friend who spent 2022 listening to 52 playlists of her sister’s favorite artists as a way to get to know her better. She’s doing the same thing this year with her brother.

I thought this is a great idea and I asked my girlfriend if she would create one for me to let me get to know her better.

She gets to read this blog every day so she has an advantage when it comes to getting to know me. Not that it’s a contest or anything, but I wanted some way comparable to get to know her too.

I got the playlist last night and started listening. I was enjoying the music and thinking this is nice. Then I came to one that made me stop and listen again.

I felt her through that song. Maybe I was reading too much into the lyrics, but I could feel how she must have connected with that song. It made me cry.

I decided I’m not going to devour them all in one sitting. I’m going to savor them and listen when I have nothing else going on. At least the first time through.

When I got up this morning I saw that the playlist was longer. It made me laugh because I predicted this. I’m thrilled. I’m so glad I asked and can’t wait to hear more.

If you have someone you want to get to know better, you should definitely do this. Be well my friends.

One thought on “Playlist”

  1. I’m so glad you both have unique ways to get to know each other! Favorite movies, favorite books, favorite TV shows is also a possibility!

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