Jury Duty

It’s not very convenient, but I don’t get upset when I get a summons. There’s the initial reaction of ugh, but unless I have something scheduled for that day it’s not really that big of a deal. I acknowledge my privilege in that I have an employer that not only has no issues with my absence but requires us to comply with the summons. I’m not losing money. I’m not having to get a babysitter or figure out transportation.

I know that our system has many and often large flaws, but I’ve lived and visited places much, much worse so I have an appreciation for our justice system. It is partially because of the flaws in our system that I think it is especially important that I serve whenever I am called.  What if I’m the only person that will ensure an innocent person does not go to prison because the others on the jury are racists or homophobic. I know this smacks of the white savior syndrome, but what if?

I consider myself a reasonable person so if there’s any doubt in my mind, I’ll acquit. I really do believe it’s better to let a guilty person go free than to send an innocent person to jail. We as a nation have done that way too often to the detriment of many black and brown folks.

Speaking of which, there were protestors outside the courthouse yesterday. They are the family and friends of a man killed in what they are calling a murder, but the defense is claiming it was an accident. The protestors are saying that because Guillermo Duran was a brown man, he’s not getting justice. I don’t know what actually happened but I would hope that my family and friends would have my back just as passionately.

Anyway my service was not needed and I was released to go back to my life. I’ve fulfilled my obligation for 2023 both relieved and a bit disappointed.

Be well my friends.

One thought on “Jury Duty”

  1. Don’t forget…once each year at each court presiding over where you live. Could still get called for the county or the state😉. Thanks for serving, I feel the same way about jury duty.

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