Why Was It So Close?

For those not paying attention to politics, Georgia had a runoff election yesterday to determine the final Senator for the next Congress.

I live in Colorado so why do I care what happens in Georgia, especially since the Democrats already control the Senate? This last seat in the Senate shouldn’t have mattered so voting for the party should not have happened.

It should have been a landslide for Senator Warnock if for no other reason than his opponent was reprehensible. It wasn’t and I blame white women. And I’m not alone in wondering why so many white women continue to vote against their own self-interest.

I’ve heard all the theories, proximity to power etc., and I understand them on an intellectual level, but my heart and soul grieve for the women who are still so blinded by the lies, clinging so desperately to their place not seeing it for the prison it is.

We would be unstoppable in dismantling the patriarchy if we could just band together. Sadly this is not a battle I’m going to win today so I’ll just be grateful that in the end the right person won. But I’m not giving up, there is just too much at stake.

Be well my friends.

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