Holigay Market

I went to the Holigay Market yesterday, but not before GPS took us to the wrong market up in RINO where we got some yummy coffee.

The Holigay Market was a 100% Queer Vendor Market set up at the Town Hall Collaborative, which is “a women-owned community gathering space that features a bar, cafe, live music, events and a creative space for classes and artist studio rentals.”


The arts and crafts at the market were beautiful and unique as were the artisans.  I wish I had grabbed some of their cards. The space was busy and full of positive, festive energy.

It was yet another queer space that I had no idea existed. My found family has taken me to some of the most amazing places.

There are several future events on their calendar for December and I hope I get a chance to get back there for some of them.

I do want to say a bit about the fact that because of recent events, the event did have guards at the doors. They weren’t in uniform or carrying obvious weapons, but they were definitely security and looked quite competent. This made me sad and angry at the need for it but grateful as I did feel safer.

Be careful out there and be well my friends.

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