Earper Fandom

I am a new fan of the Wynonna Earp series or should I say a recent convert to the Earper Fandom.

Last night I had the privilege of attending a fundraiser for a documentary that is being filmed about the “human condition and our ability to find as well as create a found family. It is about the crucial importance of representation and inclusion in our media.” https://earperfilm.com/

We were treated to a six-minute clip of the film, and I teared up at the power of it. I was not the only one with tears either. I can’t wait to see the completed film.

There was also a silent auction and drag bingo, my first ever drag bingo. Lala Queen was amazing. https://linktr.ee/Lalashearz

She asked how many people in the audience were straight and then told the few with hands up that it was ok, they were welcome and that it was a safe space. It made me smile. I wonder how it made them feel.

I actually won one of the bingo games, but so did four others and I was supposed to participate in a dance off, but I was saved from humiliation by being outbid in the auction. Instead of dancing for a prize of beer I would never drink anyway, I was in a bidding war for some original drawings of Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole.

I am happy to say I won the war!

So now I and my two found family members, who graciously invited me to the event and into the fandom, are each now the proud owners of that awesome artwork. Merry Christmas you two and thanks for including me in this amazing new world!

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