I’ve recently been listening to the music of Brandi Carlile. I had never heard of her before I came out, but when I started hanging out with other lesbians, especially the younger ones, I heard her name a lot.

I didn’t really pay attention because I was learning about the Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco and others who were closer to my age. I enjoyed their music, but I didn’t really connect with it.

I used to spend a great deal of time immersed in music. Being married to a musician you can’t help but be. After the divorce I lost connection to music. That was over a decade ago, a long time to be separated from the power of music. I especially avoided live music, mostly due to fear I’d encounter my ex who was playing in local venues.

Fast forward to this past year. After the breakup with my first long term girlfriend, I went to a meetup at a local bar to hang out at other lesbians and meet new friends. The band that was playing was Dear Marsha and I was hooked. Not only did I make new friends at Dear Marsha shows, but I remembered how much I missed music.


Which brings me back to Brandi, who is my current lady friend’s favorite artist. She sends me links and clips and has even set up a playlist for us. I listen to music quite a bit now and not just because I have a new lady friend. I really did miss it.

I’m very grateful for having music back in my life.

Be well my friends.

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