More than a Game

I am a big sports fan though not at the insane level I used to be. I prefer women’s soccer and I don’t usually follow the men until they are playing in the Olympics or at the World Cup.  The USMNT is very young and their win yesterday was something to celebrate as evidenced by the fireworks being set off in towns all over Iran. No that is not a typo. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, shame on you. Ok that’s harsh but hear me out.

This World Cup has been fraught with so much controversy and international political chaos. First, the World Cup should never have been given to Qatar given their stance on human rights, particularly LGBTQ. The fierce attempts at suppression of the protests of fans and players are arguably not very successful.

Second, the match between Iran and the US was so much more than just a game. The Iranian players refused to sing their own national anthem at their first game. Due to threats by their own government to their families back home, they were at least mouthing the words for the US game. I have no idea what will happen to these brave players when they return to their homes, but I deeply respect them.

If you don’t know who Mahsa Amini is, please find out. There are so many things about our political system that feels broken and it certainly isn’t perfect, but I fully appreciate the privilege I have living here.

Be well my friends.

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