I’m an Act of Defiance

I heard from an old friend yesterday and we chatted a bit about small acts of defiance. I started really thinking about it and realized that my very existence is an act of defiance against the patriarchy, though only parts of me are obviously so at first glance.

Being fat and a woman with gray hair is where it starts. How dare I be taking up space in the world instead of hiding that I’m not thin or young?

I am a Latina though I pass as white and not just because I’m light skinned but because I was raised that way and I cultivated it as a means to fit in. I am deeply saddened that my mother was coerced into assimilating when she came to this country. Neither my brother nor I know much about our Chilean heritage, though I have started to learn about it.

I am no longer a Christian, though as the daughter of a minister and granddaughter of missionaries I can talk the talk and I know how to answer WWJD? As a practicing Buddhist I live more authentically like he would then most of the conservative Christians I see and hear.

I vote blue. I dabble in witchcraft with my tarot cards and interest in astrology. I’m good at math. And of course, I am queer.

Living my best life is my biggest act of defiance. Writing about it every day is my second.

Take up space, live your best authentic life. Be well my friends.

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