I spent the majority of my day yesterday with some of the most amazing people I know. All of them queer AF and gathering in public spaces despite very real fear.

I had loved ones who worried about me being out there and I know how hard it was for me to wear my rainbow Love is Love t-shirt. Many of the others I met with had their colors flying too and I’m sure it was an act of bravery for them as well.

While there were some conversations about the shooting and some disagreements about whether or not to they/them the shooter, mostly it was all about reaffirming old friendships and making new friends.

I’m really glad I went and I’m grateful to all the truly beautiful humans I was with. Thank you for being you.

Also I didn’t get her permission first, so I’ll not identify her, but a special shout out to the woman who greeted me with a demand to know the scoop behind yesterday morning’s blog post. Your words thrilled this writer’s soul. Thank you and thanks to all my friends who support this blog and me.

Live your best authentic life and be well my friends.

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