Love Letters

I woke up this morning feeling like all is right with my world. It doesn’t really matter that the outside world is a shit show. Ok that’s not true, it does matter and later today I’m going to go try and do a little to make it slightly less of one.

But right now I’m feeling positive and all aglow and I am going to revel in it before I let the outside world intrude. Yesterday I posted about finding happiness that is not influenced by external things but I’m still a work in progress because this morning my joy is definitely due to external factors, one beautiful, amazing, exceptional human being in fact.

I’m a little leery of revealing too much. It’s private and special and brand new. But I’m overflowing with positive emotions that need sharing and as I started this blog as a means to share my experiences about dating it feels a bit disingenuous to be reluctant now.

The fact is I’m a bit worried about jinxing it. After the big breakup from my first long term relationship with a woman, my forays out into the dating world haven’t been very successful, though they each started out promising.

This time it feels more solid, which is a bit bizarre considering most of our interactions have been virtual. I say most because we have been able to connect in the real world through other means.

For instance, our video dates allow me to see her beautiful face and to hear her sexy voice and laugh. We are able to organically weave our way through the stories of our lives in a way texts and messages just can’t accomplish. So even though we aren’t in the same state, some of our physical senses are engaged to process how we feel about each other.

However, as someone whose primary love language is touch a long-distance relationship would be difficult without a way to connect through that sense, so I’m thrilled that we’ve started exchanging hand-written letters via snail mail. Having a letter on paper with words she wrote just for me, to read again and again, each page a connection to her I can hold in my hands, that is more precious to me then I can truly convey.

For the record I have her permission to share all of this with you and I hope that there will be many future posts with tidbits to share. Stay tuned.

Be well my friends.

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