Comfortable or Happy

Would you rather be comfortable or happy?

This question was posed on one of my FB Groups and I can’t stop thinking about it.

To me, being comfortable implies settling and contentment. Is that enough? Can you experience true happiness if you’re comfortable?

The question also implies that you can’t be happy unless you are pushing your boundaries and taking risks.

I think this question creates a false binary.  I don’t think we have to choose. I believe both are possible.

I think true happiness comes when you experience joy and contentment regardless of your comfort level because you’ve evolved to the level where nothing external can influence whether you are happy or not.

But in order to evolve I have to feel safe enough to find out and be who I really am. Only then can I learn that my happiness is not dependent on another human or anything outside of myself.

I’m trying to live my life content with the choices I’ve made. But inevitably the universe throws out one of its many curveballs. What I used to see as an obstacle, I now choose to see as a opportunity to experience or learn something new.  

However, I can still be swayed by a compliment or an insult, can still be set back by rejection or someone else’s treatment of me, so I’m not there yet. I have come a long way from where I was but have more to grow. That means for now I’d rather be happy, so I need to learn to accept being uncomfortable.

Someday though I have confidence I will have both.

I hope that for you too. Be well my friends.  

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