Trivia Night in a New Space

My weekly trivia game is in a new venue, and I had fun even though we didn’t win. It has a very different vibe as it is a sports bar instead of a neighborhood bar.

There were the usual suspects there: tables full of bros (one that actually participated in the game), a table full of folks I think were professional trivia junkies, and several couples on a date.

I was thrilled to see that one of those couples. were two beautiful, young ladies obviously very into each other.  They joined the game late but seemed to have fun.

It did not escape my notice that they sat as far away from the bros as possible. They found a corner table not far from ours. It is a little sad that they chose that spot and I wonder if it was even a conscious choice. or just instinct for self-preservation.

Regardless, it was nice to see them there. Though I have to admit I was also a bit jealous. Not that they were young and beautiful, but that they were together, physically in the same place.

Who knew physical proximity was a luxury?

But I digress. My point was it’s nice to be able to go into a place that is traditionally a masculine space and see a lesbian couple (who are not a part my friend group) just be themselves. The world needs more of this.

Be well my friends.

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