The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Does anyone write letters anymore? Love letters, pen pal letters, letters to the editor? I’m not talking emails, but actual letters written by hand on stationary.  

I was recently reminded of the romanticism of letter writing by someone when we were discussing Gentleman Jack.

There really aren’t that many good things about the good old days, especially if you weren’t a cis white male, but I think we lost something with instantaneous communication.

I understand that my privilege is showing, and that during the times of Gentlemen Jack it was only the privileged that had the ability to even write let alone have the luxury of time and the money to spend on paper and ink.

When I was on active duty stationed overseas, computers were still in their infancy and calling long distance cost a small fortune. So getting letters from family and friends was very exciting and comforting and completely necessary to keep us connected.

We’re all so busy and it’s just easier to send a text to get the minimum said or an email if you need to convey the message more formally. We don’t even talk on the phone much anymore.

And don’t get me started on the fact that they aren’t even teaching cursive is school anymore. My 25-year-old kid is brilliant, but he can’t read or write in cursive.

OMG when did I start sounding like my dad?

Anyway I recently bought some beautiful stationary and sent my first letter to someone I’ve been in contact with via instant communication.  I’ll let you know if I get a letter back, assuming it’s okay with her of course. Always with consent.

Be well my friends.

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