Virtual Dating

I wish I would have had a place to learn about what to do when a woman you’re interested in lives too far away for even a ‘meet in the middle’ date, so I thought I’d share my experience.

I had my first virtual first date this weekend. I’ve been on virtual dates before due to the pandemic and because competing schedules made it difficult to spend time with my girlfriend at the time. But I was already in a relationship for those dates. This was different.

When we first discussed the idea of doing a virtual date, I thought no sweat, much easier than a “real “one. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized, I, we, really deserved for it to feel like a real date. So I vowed to put in the effort.

I went on a cleaning spree. I knew it wasn’t likely she would ask for a tour of the space I was in, but what if she did want one? I took what felt like hours trying to figure out a complete outfit to wear even though I knew she would probably never see anything but my top. I fretted, yes actually fretted, about how to do my hair and should I wear makeup.

I worried about the lighting and how to set up the space, so as to make a good impression. It was way more work than an in person first date would have been. But an in-person date isn’t an option right now.

I may have mentioned that I love words and that I’m good with them (yes I’m very modest I know). This, however, only applies to the written word.

Speaking words, especially to a very attractive woman, I am not so good at. I was so nervous and awkward. I’m cringing just thinking about it.  

Fortunately for me she was feeling just as nervous and uncomfortable. We laughed about it, which broke the ice, and then we were able to relax enough to have a fun evening of conversation.

I got her permission to write about our date, but I am not going to share anything further. Some things should not be shared. Maybe there will be future opportunities appropriate to share. Stay tuned.

Be well my friends.

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