OMG I recently got to spend hours doing writing sprints with a group of published authors of sapphic fiction. One of whose works I’ve actually read and really like. In case you’re not a book nerd, it’s kind of like getting to go backstage to meet one of your favorite musicians or hanging out in the green room with your favorite actors.

I googled the other authors and I’m looking forward to reading some of their books. However, I felt like such a fraud. I almost ducked out during the first sprint, but I figured what the heck, I need to do some writing so I might as well stick around. During the first break I was asked what I write. I told them and also said I thought I was in the wrong place. Turns out though there was another author who was working on her first novel too..

For those who don’t know how writing sprints work, there is a few minutes of talking about everything and nothing, then there is 20 – 30 minutes of writing. Everyone turns off their cameras and microphones and when the time is up we come back on camera to share how many words we wrote.

I got a blog post written, edited and rewrote three chapters of my novel during that session. It was great! The next morning I joined for another two hours and got another blog post drafted, and another one edited and posted.

It’s moments like these when I feel as if my dream of being a published author might actually come true.

Every time I open myself to opportunities good things happen. Not only am I now connected to group of people who are published sapphic fiction writers, but I’m dating again, meeting new friends, and trying all kinds of new things. It’s thrilling!

So maybe it’s not always wonderful, but even when it doesn’t work out, I learn things. I have to keep reminding myself of this because I often get afraid to push the button, click the link, or take the next step. How many chances were missed because I was afraid? Too many, but not anymore. It’s worth the risk.

Be well my friends.

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