I’ve recently joined a few Facebook groups and on one of them a member started a DM game. You post a selfie of yourself and others can respond with a thumbs up or a heart. If you get a thumb then they like your picture, but they aren’t interested in contact. If you get a heart that means they are open to you sending a direct message.

I thought, what the heck, why not? So I posted a selfie and gave thumbs and hearts out depending on the photo. It felt a bit shallow, picking women solely based on their picture but as I’ve been learning what physical characteristic l find appealing, I thought, what could it hurt? Besides it was more about a great smile or a quirkiness that came through.

Only one of the hearts I placed sent me a message, but I did receive four hearts, which made my little heart feel really good.

I sent messages to each of them. None of the women live near me, they all live in other states, but it’s been nice getting to know them. I’m a firm believer in we can never have enough friends and I think one of them could actually turn into something more.

When I first started dating I used an over 50 dating app and I rejected any requests from anyone who didn’t live here. I was not interested in a long-distance relationship (LDR for those in the know).

I’m still not sure it is a good idea. Relationships are a lot of work without throwing an airplane ride in between you both. One of my love languages is touch and not being able to reinforce my feelings by holding hands, a caressed cheek, or a kiss would be really difficult.

But maybe my one is out there and if I limit my pool I might never find her. I worry that a LDR is just setting myself up for heartbreak, but that’s the case for any relationship regardless so I really have nothing to lose. Right?

And the distance will force me to slow down and truly get to know the person before a physical relationship begins to make it more complicated. Besides, as a writer, I like the idea of writing long love letters back and forth. There is something very romantic about that.

Stay tuned and be well my friends.

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