This is not the blog I had planned for today, but I need to share.

Dictionary. com defines gaslighting as manipulating someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

My friends l am now a member of the club. I was recently gaslit. How I managed to escape it until now I have no idea but there you go. Although maybe I have been in the past and it was done so expertly that I still don’t recognize it or I was just clueless and vulnerable. Who knows? But I am not who I was, and I have definitely just been gas ht.

What an awful feeling. To be attacked like that. And that’s what it was. That manipulation was an assault on my being.

I was made to feel like it was all my fault and that when I got angry at the realization of what was happening suddenly I’m the asshole. I’m the one who is angry person and they saw it from the beginning. What?

I have worked so hard to not be an angry person, to live in the moment, and find joy where I can.  I can’t believe how easily I was manipulated into believing that I was at fault.

Thankfully I reached out to friends and they reassured me that I am not an “angry person “and that if I was angry, I had justification. I’m sad that I needed that reassurance but extremely grateful for it.

I have a therapy session coming up soon and I know exactly what we will be discussing. I don’t want that to ever happen again.

Be careful out there my friends.

One thought on “Gaslighting”

  1. “A narcissist will never second guess themselves”. So if you’re wondering “am I the problem?” I can assure you that you are not, in fact, the problem


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