So I’ve recently discovered Tik Tok. I’ve been resistant to Tik Tok (and Twitter & IG) but people on FB keep sharing or referring to Tik Tok and one day a friend actually said once you see some of the posters, you will never be the same. It’ll change your life.

She was right. I was up way too late the first day I created an account and found lesbian Tik Tok.

So apparently I have a type and I’m rethinking my self-imposed label as a demi-sexual. I found the HBG posts and oh my! I have no emotional connection to this person, and they are way too young for me, but holy moly their posts stir something primal in me.

That androgynous, masc, butch look and attitude is most definitely my thing. It’s not like I wouldn’t date someone who was more femme, but I’ll need to explore this butch/femme thing some more. I think I find myself wanting to be more like the femmes I see instead of dating them. Ultimately though it doesn’t really matter where they fall on the butch/femme spectrum, if they want me as much as I want them then that’s what’s important.

Also, I found a woman who has started a FB community called Club Lilles, Late in Life Les(bians). It’s been great and validating connecting with other women who have similar stories to my own.

And the lesbians that just fold laundry, um wow! Who knew folding laundry could be so sexy. Shout out to another friend who clued me in to this phenomenon.

The funniest thing I’ve encountered so far is that I have 3 followers already and I have no intention of ever posting any content. Of course, I never had any intention of ever downloading Tik Tok, so you never know.

I could easily become addicted to watching these videos. I’ll have to make sure to set some limits or I’ll never get to the must do things in my life, like sleep and writing this blog.

Be well my friends.

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