Costume Party

I went to a costume party last night at a friend’s house. I haven’t been to a costume party in years and not just because of Covid. There are many reasons I could give but mostly it’s about not being able to find costumes for my body that I felt comfortable wearing. Honestly if this had been a big bash thrown by a group I probably would have bailed, but I told my friend I would come.

The original costume I had planned was going to be part of a couple’s costume but since that was no longer going to be a thing I scrambled to find something. With the help of other friends the costume I wore was comfortable, fun and just a hint sexy. I felt great in it.

At the party there was yummy food, great music, lots of laughter and amazing women in great costumes. They were clever, sexy, fun and so were the costumes.  

I didn’t know anyone except the host couple, but I had an opportunity to speak with or observe most of those there. I find it very interesting that many of the women were wearing costumes that reflected the person they were showing to the others. I’d be interested to know if the costumes were an extension of who they usually were or if the costume allowed them to show parts that did not normally come out.

Mostly there were couples, but it didn’t feel awkward, well no more awkward than I normally feel in social gatherings where I don’t know anybody. I wasn’t the oldest one there either so bonus points for that.

And this is very exciting, I met a budding novelist who wanted to read my blog. If you’re reading this now-hi! I think I may have started some new friendships and that was the best part of the night.

Be well my friends.

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