Fully Supported

One of the branches of my support network consists of hundreds of people I’ve never met on a social media group. To be a member of this group you have to be liberal, queer, sex positive, and fat positive. Through their candid conversations and enthusiastic support of one another, I have learned that there are a whole lot of people who are attracted to people who look like me and that there is no shame in being different regardless of what that difference is.

I reached out to them yesterday because I was feeling insecure about my body after the breakup and wanted some reassurance and positive feedback and they responded with a flood of both. For example one person wrote:

“First off, before I even saw the text I saw your picture and thought ‘that is the PERFECT hair’. So there’s that. You are stunning. Secondly, I know it’s so hard not to associate your romantic life with your worth. But I swear to you there is literally zero correlation. You are incredible just the way you are.”

Normally, I would credit the quote. However, they consented to the quote without attribution for privacy and safety’s sake.  

Another wonderfully supportive responder asked me how I would feel about having art done of me. I was intrigued and said yes. I sent him a boudoir photo that my best friend had taken of me before I came out to help boost my self-esteem and courage. Here’s what he sent me.

I feel beautiful and sexy when I look at it.  I know this may make some feel uncomfortable, but I don’t care. All humans should be allowed to feel this way.

Thank you Stephen at https://www.instagram.com/lenceloch/. His work is really good and he does commissions. Check him out.

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