Single Again

Do you believe in the supernatural? That spirit ancestors or people from parallel universes can speak to you through your dreams?

The poem I posted yesterday was something I felt compelled to write when I woke up yesterday morning. It was as if someone or something was preparing me for the other shoe to fall. Well, seven hours later I found myself single again.  

The real bummer is that my mom actually said she was more comfortable with this one than the last one. Oh well, maybe the next one? Will there be a next one?

Time to grieve, reflect, regroup, revitalize. Time to write, read, win trivia night, knit some caps, plan my next vacation, learn ASL, and start ‘A League of Their Own’ since I just finished ‘Wynonna Earp’. 

After this period of grief and reflection I will have to decide – do I give up on ever finding the love of my life or do I head back out into the fray?

I actually already know the answer. I’m not a quitter. But this dating stuff is really hard. It can be so damn discouraging. 

For instance, how do I know which philosophical approach is better? If I build it will they come? Or do I have to stop sitting around and go out and find her? 

Wouldn’t it suck if I actually already met her and did not recognize her and now it’s too late? Or worse, that there is no room in my karmic storehouse for my true love in this lifetime and I’ll have to wait for the next?

Fortunately I’ve got a great support system with really good friends, many of whom have already reached out to support me. I appreciate them more than they will ever be able to truly know, though I will try to convey it.

Be well my friends.

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