May the 4th Be with You

As a huge sci-fi geek you know that I have to pay tribute to this fun day.

I was so into Star Wars when it was released back in the 70s. Possibly it was my way of rebelling against the God of my parents being forced down my throat. Though I doubt it was a conscious thing back then.

I was completely fascinated by the idea of the Force. A magical energy that flowed through everyone and everything and that is not good or evil but just is and that that the wielder determined whether the outcome would be destructive or beneficial.

This was not some external Father Figure judging my every thought and action but a power that flowed within me and if I could just figure out how to tap into it I too could be powerful.

I don’t remember having such specific thoughts as a kid, but this is still something I am totally drawn to as an adult.

Within me is a microcosm of the power and energies that flow throughout the macrocosm that is the Universe and with meditation and full conscious awareness I can tap into that magic and power wherever I want. I’m not very good at it but I have experienced this phenomenon enough that I will continue to believe and practice.

How can I not?

Knowing that my higher power resides within me and not outside is incredibly empowering, but it also means I don’t get the luxury of laying the blame elsewhere if things don’t go well. I can’t say that it must not be God’s will and thus be absolved of my lack of effort or bad decisions. I am responsible for my life, and I have to live with the consequences of my decisions.

I am living my life as fully and authentically as I currently know how, doing as little harm as possible and helping when I can. Somedays it still doesn’t feel as if it’s enough, but it’s the best that I can do.


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