Necessities for Survival

FB group QOTD: What five items would you bring to a desert island? (Assume you have the basics for survival)

I love this question, but I think that assumption is very interesting. What exactly constitutes survival? Having the bare minimum of food and water so as to not die? Like a freshwater stream that has some fish you can catch with your hands and eat raw? You could survive for a while that way assuming the fish don’t die out and nothing happens to divert or pollute your water. That’s pretty basic.

Or are we talking a machete, fire starter kit, fishing line, cooking pot, a tarp, first aid kit, rope, Swiss army knife, life straw and twenty gallons of water (can use the bottes later for rainwater and capturing steam from boiled sea water), a hammock, and a shovel? These seem like the basics at a minimum for survival.

Ok, I know I’m being too literal and the point of these types of questions is to find your most needed items to make life endurable in survival mode. So that being said then, how are ‘items’ being defined? For instance, can I bring only one book or does a backpack full of books count as one item? I’m going to assume the latter (since we’re making assumptions from the get-go).

Here are my items:

-Large canvas duffle bag filled with composition notebooks, pencils, my favorite books, and a survival guide

-A large, insulated bag filled with multivitamins, prescription meds, and ibuprofen (the first aid kit won’t have enough)

-Large nylon bag with bottles of anti-bacterial soap and 2-in-1 bug spray and sunscreen

-A popup tent full of toilet paper and couple changes of clothes

-A sleeping bag with Tennessee in it

I could endure survival mode for years with that. But I must say I’m very glad I don’t have to live this way. My life is full of not only needed things, but with many things, and people, I adore and cherish.

Hope your days are filled with abundance so you never have to endure survival mode. Be well my friends.

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