Day 22 and 23

I did it ya’ll. I finished my third draft! That is what I spent most of yesterday doing. I’m so excited. It’s on its way to the editor today and then I will be in search of beta readers.

Beta readers! Who would’ve thought?

I have so many doubts about this novel, but I refuse to chicken out. I’m going to keep moving in the process to get it published. I have to keep reminding myself that it doesn’t matter if only a handful of friends buy it just to support me. I have no control, or very little anyway, about what happens after its published. I can work hard to market it and that might help but ultimately my goal was to get it published.

It would make a great Christmas present.  Though from what I’ve learned from my author’s group, it’s more likely to be a retirement gift. But that is ok. It really is.

I have a busy day planned so I have to keep this short, but I just had to share. Thank you all for your continued support!

Be well my friends.

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