Day 10

Are you ever grateful for a Monday morning? Me neither but the sun is shining, and it looks to be a gorgeous spring day and it seems I’m past the worst of this bug, so I’ll welcome this Monday.

I feel a little sorry for Mondays. I mean it’s not their fault they are the start of official work week. Capitalism and the Patriarchy are to blame for that.

Mondays are actually associated with the moon which is about rest is it not? Okay maybe that’s a stretch, but I think I’m on to something here.

The moon is also associated with feminine energy which is constantly at war over the attempted suppression of its power. Mondays should be a day of rest where we revel in the power of the divine feminine.

What wonders could we have to look forward to if Mondays were allowed to be a day of its highest potential? Maybe someday after I retire I’ll see if I can capture some of that.

But until then it’s poor Monday and poor us. Sadly, it’s time that I get started with my workday.

Be well my friends.

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