Day 6

Still sick but Dayquil is a magical elixir. No writing or editing yesterday and probably not much today. I have another half day of training I need to survive this morning then I’m going back to bed. I’m going to be behind again on my goal, but hopefully will be able to catch up this weekend.

I had a therapy appointment (phone) after a brief nap and had a bit of an epiphany yesterday. I’ll need to process it for a little while, but I think I’ve definitely resolved some issues. Just to be sure it wasn’t a fever induced illusion, I’m going to do some meditation then a tarot reading to get additional clarification but I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Well as good as I can with a fever and a cough. The progression of this bug seems to be moving faster through my system than usual though so I’m hoping I’ll feel better by Sunday. I have an important event that day I really don’t want to miss.

Take care of yourselves my friends.

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