Stevie Nicks

Like many girls who started listening to music in the 70s and came of age in the 80s, I revered Stevie Nicks. Her unapologetic magical witchy vibe was impossible to resist. Especially since my father disapproved.  

Her voice was haunting, and I remember wishing I could sing like her. When I met my now ex-husband, my taste is music became heavier (thus more offensive to my dad) and I sort of lost track of my love for all things Stevie.

Years later, shortly before my marriage fell apart a friend asked if I’d ever seen “Practical Magic”. I had not, so I watched with my friends and loved the movie, but even more, I heard Stevie again and thought I’ve missed listening her.

Cue the divorce. For 20 plus years, my life had revolved around his music, his band, his practices, and his performances. So I pretty much stopped listening to any music at all. It was just too painful for a very long time.

I started slowly listening to music again after I came out and start dating women. I was between relationships when I had the chance to go to a candlelit concert of Fleetwood Mac. You know the ones where a string quartet or duet play tribute to some of the greatest musicians and singers of our time. My friend and I got to attend and it was amazing. I knew so many songs.

It was nice listening to music again, but it wasn’t until Tennessee that I really started reconnecting with music again.

Thank goodness for my subscription to a streaming service (I will not name it because I hate that I use it, but I can’t cancel because I have the family version and my mother listens every day.) Since I do have it, I’ve subscribed to both Fleetwood Mac and Stevie and I love listening again. When I’m not discovering new (to me) artists that is.

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