Anne McCaffery

I first discovered Anne McCaffrey when I was stationed in Italy. She was introduced to me by a fellow book addict when we were squeezed into our tiny base library.

She, the book addict, saw me looking at the meager selection of sci-fi books and told me that the book I had in my hand was a fabulous book but that it was not the first in the series. She offered to lend me her copy and said if I liked it she had the others as well.

The next day I began my love affair with Anne McCaffery. I devoured “Dragon Fight”, the first novel of the “Dragonriders of Pern” series. She won a Hugo award for this novel, making her the first woman to win that award. She was also the first women to win a Nebula award. Both awards are for best science fiction/fantasy writing, a genre that is still dominated by male writers.

While I loved the Dragons and the Brain and Brawn Ships, my two favorite series are the “Crystal Singer” trilogy and the five books about the Rowan and her descendants. (The Tower & Hive) I have reread “The Rowan” many times. Her story of overcoming her loss and fear while discovering her true power is so compelling.

I recently ran across the first book of another series she wrote titled ‘Acorna” which she co-authored with Margaret Ball and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. I was excited to see that there are 10 books in the serious and I hope I am able to find them all.

I haven’t read everything she’s written, but everything I’ve read is so well written with strong, smart, and brave female characters. Even if science fiction and fantasy aren’t your favorite genre I would highly recommend trying one of her novels. You might be pleasantly surprised how good the story is despite the genre.

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