Fingers Crossed

Tomorrow I leave for a week with Tennessee. I can’t wait to see her. This has been a long two weeks.

While I’m there we’re going to each work our normal schedules to see what it looks and feels like. Since its only a week it won’t be a real test but it should give us a glimpse of what a life together pre-retirement might be like.

I really don’t want to lug two laptops and all the cords just for a week so I am only taking my work computer. This means I won’t be posting freshly written blogs while I’m gone, but I have figured out how to schedule posts for future drops.

In light of Women’s History month, I’ve been writing entries about women who have in some way impacted and influenced my life and one will drop each day. Chances are pretty good you will have heard of many of them but even so maybe you will learn something new about them.

I will still be writing while I’m away but I’ll be working on preparing for my Camp NaNoWriMo project for the month of April.

My flight tomorrow leaves very early so if the scheduled drop happens, we’ll be good to go. If not then, I’ll let you all know when I land that there won’t be any posts for a week. Fingers crossed that it works.

Hare a great day and I hope you enjoy the posts. Be well my friends.

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